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NP-complete problem may enable startup founders to convince counterparts without delivering any knowledge

the nature of P versus NP (P=NP, P≠NP) problem What a startup is proving by fundraise Here is the statement I am checking if this is true and can be applied to technology startup journey throughout my career as both an entrepreneur and investor. “Startup can convince counterparts without disclosing any information if the startup…
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True value shows in the ebb tide in VC industry

The lowest tide shows real value In a high-demand situation, it can be very difficult to distinguish which products have real value. However, just as the tide recedes after high water, revealing what lies beneath, a market correction can make it easier to identify companies with true value for investment. Similarly, when the tide is…
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Which investor the founders should select as growth partner?

Did your investor really earn money before? The best quality an investor should have is earning cash flow. Before successful real distribution to their LPs, general partners or portfolio must have plenty of free cash flow. VCs can pretend to have “big power” There are very many Venture Capitalists who do not have a track…
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Three tips for startup founders

1.Know your goals to build trust in wealth While the average first-time billionaire reaches that status around 51 years old, reaching their first million happens about 14 years earlier, at an average age of 37. When building a startup(or a venture capital), aiming for an exit within 20 years can be a good long-term goal.…
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