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The kickoff message of HITSERIES CAPITAL

May 26th 2024

Our planet Earth have 7 billion human beings, 200+ countries, US$500 trillion net assets, still there is geographical boundaries between countries but we can see the glimpse of cosmopolitan citizenship that cross the boarders on the earth. Spacefaring nations will in the future join galactic civilizations in Milky way. The venture capital ecosystem is accelerating understanding of the world randomness and find the cryptographic way to communicate each other in the universe using various elements of the nature: space, time, matter, energy; gravity, lights, quantum, molecular, electromagnetic, ther mographic etc.

Throughout its 2 million-year history, humanity has continuously improved its understanding of the laws of nature and developed standardized systems of units. Building upon this foundation laid over Earth’s 4.6 billion years of existence, HITSERIES CAPITAL seeks the truth. This truth will enhance our comprehension of this universe (perhaps inter-spacetime, inter-multiverse) and allow us to fully appreciate our beautiful planet. Ultimately, our goal is to solve the greatest challenge of our generations: to transfer the miraculous heritage of cosmological activities – life – to future generations.

“Life cannot have had a random beginning … The trouble is that there are about 2000 enzymes, and the chance of obtaining them all in a random trial is only one part in 10^40,000, an outrageously small probability that could not be faced even if the whole universe consisted of organic soup.”-Fred Hoyle

If the planet restart to create life in this universe, it will also use commodities as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and make protein based organism by utilizing sea water, mass of ground, thermophysical or impact of meteors.

HITSERIES CAPITAL believes in the power of humanity to consume, enjoy and appreciate the universe. Hope the earth can be an unique best practice in the one-billion-trillion =sextillion(10^21) stars in the universe. And our planet will join multiversal inter-spacetime civilization.

Shoichiro Tanaka
Managing Partner