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Why mathematics and physics

How to appreciate the planet, universe, and multiverse

The nature of multiverse

There may some part of multiverse exists where information processing is unpredictable and inefficient. There will be some area of spacetime that information is not recorded. All of the glimpse of think will be deleted after recording in such part of multiverse. We cannot live there. We can only live on the premise that is predictable, where the law of mathematics and physics allow stable predictions. The laws of mathematics and physics only work when we intend to rely on prediction. The possibility to make reliable projections is essential for us to survive.That is why mathematics and physics are essential in our part of the multiverse. Its the invention for civilization and socialization of huminity. Economics and capitalism are definitely dependent on the basis of mathematics and physics.

How we communicate

What is universal scale



hydrogen electron orbit=1Å


M🜨(earth mass)

1M is


mol 6*10^23 hydrogen

A mole of H2 represents Avogadro’s number (6 x 10^23) of hydrogen molecules