appreciate toolkits that innovate the planet

Timelessness and modernity

Is universe infinite? or is universe finite? How you prove it? Is there upper field on top to universe? Business is the key to find what really this world is like

Gravitational wave

Think big, feel long long time ago and long future

Quantum wave

Mind detail, planck scale 1.6*10^-35 meter, planck time 5.39×10^−44 seconds

Intangibles power

Pushing the boundaries of human understanding and capability is a core driver to motivate people. The pursuit of pushing boundaries is a significant motivatorn especially in academia or industries, leading to advancements that benefit humanity.

Science and Technology

Researchers constantly seek new knowledge, materials, and techniques. This can lead to advancements in medicine, engineering, space exploration, and more, all of which expand what humans can achieve.

Social Sciences and Humanities

These fields explore human behavior, history, and culture.By understanding ourselves better, we can push boundaries in areas like social justice, education, and communication.

Arts and Literature

Artists constantly challenge and redefine what art is and can be. This pushes the boundaries of human expression and creativity.

Luxury brands

There is a lot of consumer luxury brands. No one needs these items in terms of function, but yet millions desire them. It proves luxury brands have some essential factor for human beings.

The final destination of wealth

After people have enough material wealth to live, then what will they desire, where will they live, what will they consume, where will they travel? what is the next distination of wealthy individuals.

The speed of light

You can imagine to go anywhere, any future, any past by speed of light to see where is your final destination.

How to recreate huminity in another planet

If you select material to reprecate huminity, the answer will be similar, using protein(carbon) The hint will be complexity, Abundance, Stability.


Talents acquisition

How to “manage” talents (actually you cannot manage)

Bernard Arnault, Dior, LVMH

Arnault does not believe in managerial limit setting. Artists must be completely unfettered by financial and commercial concerns, he insists, to do their best work. You don’t “manage” John Galliano, the wildly iconoclastic head of the House of Dior, just as no one could have “managed” Leonardo da Vinci or Frank Lloyd Wright.

Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway

Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.

Owner’s mentality

Hiring managers who are intrinsically motivated and focused on the company’s success, not solely driven by financial needs. This might be phrased as finding managers with “owner’s mentality” who will make decisions that benefit the company in the long term, similar to how an owner would act.

Human body is made by major commodities

Why silicon and carbon is used in computing industry, it is because of complexity, abundance, stability



carbon is able to form the complex molecular structures needed for the complex chemistry that life requires.



five most abundant elements in our solar
system is hydrogen helium
oxygen carbon and nitrogen. Top five elements in our
body is  oxygen carbon
hydrogen nitrogen and calcium.



carbon bonds are stronger than siliconbonds(347 kj/mol) Bond Energies in atom by Periodic table

Pose NP Complete

To attract every asset in startup industry, you have to find NP complete


Cook and Levin

Cook and Levin – they basically prove that any mathematical statement that’s formal can be written down can be converted into a map and this translation between the statement to a map is very simple, efficient, known to everybody.


zero knowledge proof

every statement which has a proof has a zero knowledge proof. NP-complete problem may enable startup founders to convince counterparts without delivering any knowledge



Startup can convince counterparts without disclosing any information if the startup have true theorem that carries a zero-knowledge proof, NP-completeness. “-Shoichiro Tanaka, HITSERIES CAPITAL