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HITSERIES®CAPITAL is based on history of physics, mathematics and computing. Curious about how the universe complexity works and how a new scientific invention could restructure society, humanity, economics. 

Every randomness in the university have truth theorem that will be engineered by complex algorithms. Building predictive models: Cosmology, climate, energy generation/grid , logistics, material science, chemistry, biology, social statistics, smart city architect, foods&agriculture, luxury garments&jewelry, travel, art&entertainment


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Finding NP complete self-verifiable proof that can be verified by zero-knowledge. 


May 27th 2024 Singapore-HITSERIES CAPITAL (Headquarters: Singapore, Managing Partner Shoichiro Tanaka) today announced investment in WeSale(Headquarters:Vietnam, CEO Mai Lam Toi.) seed round. Mr. Mai Lam Toi, CEO of WESALE said:[…]

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NP-complete problem may enable startup founders to convince counterparts without delivering any knowledge

the nature of P versus NP (P=NP, P≠NP) problem What a startup is proving by fundraise Here is the statement I am checking if this is true and can be[…]

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VC firms seek unique terroirs that generate great vintages

In the world of wine, terroir refers to the unique combination of environmental factors that influence the characteristics of a grape and, ultimately, the taste of the resulting wine. It’s[…]

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