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This contact form is for startups investment inquiry, please use general contact form for non-startup general inquiry.

Please note not all inquiry can be replied as there are huge volume of inquiries. Not all of the documents are mandatory so do not use time to prepare the materials but it will be better to upload if you already have these documents(sure stage startups baisically have it.)

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PIPE=Private Investment in Public Equity
if you already raised US$1 million, input 1,000,000
Cash runway
Please indicate how many months your company can endure cash burn till next fundraise
How many shareholders do you have
How much percentage of the firm's share management shareholders have; founder or whom will be included in key-person clause
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Please upload latest pitch deck: Target market, asset class, arbitrage opportunity, competitive strength, leadership team. The clear logic behind how you will invest next 10 years. Show the thesis verified as true by small audience but yet to be proved by computation and people intelligence.
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Please upload latest financial year statements(BS/PL) or LTM monthly revenue with clear sign of growth.
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Economics of scale hypothesis that was verified by small group of users: Unit economics, gross margin, contribution profit, EBITDA per product unit, cash-flow break even month. Life time value per customer, cost per acquisition modeling.
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Historical employee strength and headcount/cost breakdown of SaaS Hosting, G&A, Sales& Marketing, R&D. Future employment plan and model of asset/talent investment.
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Plan of monthly product growth and product margin improvement.
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Please upload 5 years balance sheet, profit and loss, price per share plan till liquidation event: IPO, M&A. Typical investors require US$100m ARR at IPO: raising $300m till IPO, minimum $1billion marketcap required for successful LPs distribution: less than $1 billion marketcap makes it difficult to liquidize at public market, private market M&A will be one of the option for smaller size IPO.
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The criteria

Please send pitch deck if you are interested in our investment. Please include these 3 factors to your pitch docs. Our officer-in-charge will contact you. 

HITSEREIS CAPITALはシンガポールに本拠地をおくベンチャーキャピタルです。日本国内企業の場合も、多国籍でスケールできる企業のみが投資対象となります。


Beneficial ownership stracture, fiduciary duty and responsibilty that drive hyper growth.
Strategic share structure for international expantion, senior management and organization by business function

2.Economies of scale

Proven logic (or proving hypothesis) of target market, revenue recognition (Gross merchandises value (GMV) or gross margin), growh rate, EBITDA margin, contribution profit improvement after scale ( economies of scale)

3.How to exit

Capital strategy(equity/debt) with detailed BS, PL,CF plan 5 to 10 years. Historical price per share and future plan (book value per share, earnings per share, dilutioin plan)  that will  generate return to investors. Sustainable growth and utilization of secondaries, continuation, market makers.