Physical strength vs social intelligence

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Physical strength vs social intelligence

Older becomes a leader

There’s an interesting article about a real-life monkey mountain in Japan. The previous leader, Kansuke, reportedly ruled for 25 years and lived to be 100 years old (in monkey years). Monkey societies are often hierarchical, and leadership positions are earned through experience and social intelligence rather than just physical strength. An older monkey would likely have accumulated the necessary skills and respect from the troop to become the leader.

Physical strength vs social intelligence

Physical strength vs social intelligence will be seen if we compare Chimps vs. Gorillas: While gorillas are significantly stronger than chimpanzees, chimps often outsmart them when competing for resources. Chimps are highly social creatures with complex communication skills. They can form alliances, strategize, and even deceive other chimps to gain an advantage.

Hyenas vs. Lions: Hyenas are smaller and less powerful than lions. However, hyenas live in highly social groups called clans. e.g.130 members, including up to 50 adult females, 40 adult males and 40 offspring.These clans work together to hunt prey much larger than any individual hyena could take down alone. Their coordinated attacks and communication skills make them formidable hunters. Whereas a lion pride may include up to three males, a dozen females, and their young. On average, a lion pride consists of about 15 individuals, but prides can be as small as 3 or as large as 40 members in some cases. Large prides are more common in areas with abundant prey and resources.

The intelligence to survive

We cannot say social intelligence is better than physical strength or vice versa. The essential wisdom derived from animal kingdom is there are many way to compete and win. But single unit of animal definitely cannot win the competition. Highly organized society can survive wild.