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Top performing startup CEO is driving on the highway at 180km/h

If you are early stage startup CEO and worrying about delegation to the team, then you can imagine driving on the highway at high speed. Driving 120km/h=75mile per hour As startup CEO, what is your time spending looks like today, if you are looking into laptop excel sheet or github source code, then let’s substitute…
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The difficulty tripling $10billion and tripling $10 million would be “no”difference

Recent performance of NVIDIA is near 3.65x quarterly revenue growth YoY amount to US$26billion. There was the Nippon Yusen(Japan) track record that new business (ONE) generated US$40billion revenue and $20billion net income in the 5th year of startup incorporation. The R&D industry sees extraordinary growth and exponential returns several times in decades. But how shall…
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Trends and anomalies found in a randomness

The sense of anomaly As a startup CEO and an investor, I see various hardware and software industries: mobility, medical device, cybersecurity, real estate, therapeutic, construction, etc.. As a win rate of my portfolio, generating new $1million ARR from zero is almost 100%. We HITSERIES CAPITAL just started from 2022 and have limited track records…
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