Trends and anomalies found in a randomness

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Trends and anomalies found in a randomness

The sense of anomaly

As a startup CEO and an investor, I see various hardware and software industries: mobility, medical device, cybersecurity, real estate, therapeutic, construction, etc..

As a win rate of my portfolio, generating new $1million ARR from zero is almost 100%. We HITSERIES CAPITAL just started from 2022 and have limited track records of portfolios but 10 of 10 succesfully generate $1million ARR in the first three years(which I wrote down in the million dollar blue print). The first $1million is the most difficult with limited capital. I remember I reached first $1million ARR in my 12th year of entreprenuership(29 years old). I had only $10,000 USD(all of them was credit card facility) for incorporating capital of TANAAKK, my first company at 2013, after 10years, with keeping controlling share, generating over $100million in marketcap. After I proved how to generate $1m ARR, it became very easy to reproduce it in various industry. Still it is not success story yet because my goal is making $10 trillion market cap in coming 2060s.

The standards of revenue generation

The standards of generating revenue, sales magnate says you should visit 4 customers in a day. It means at least you visit 80 customers in a month, you can be 1% top performer. This is true in sales industry. But the standards in entreprenuership is a little bit different I think.

Find trends and anomalies

If there is a profitable product, the last thing you can do is to increase customer touch point. But every startup even do not have product to sell than earning profit. Before proving economies of scale, increasing touch point with customers is useless, it will generate more loss if you meet more customers. You have to learn a lot with very limited information. For example, for successfull entreprenuer, less than 1 meeting per day with a customer is I think an ideal number. You should learn a lot by very limited information and find trends and anomalies:that anomalies almost all existing players cannot find.

The trends

The current trends of the 2020s industry is AI, ML, life science, carbon-newtral energy and manufacturing, etc. But following trend will not promise your success in increasing your wealth.

The important job of founder is giving an oracle statement to the team

You can deligate everyday operation to your employee from day one. Because the most important job of founder is to filter market noise, find anomaly in the daily life and allocate investment in it. The enough information for decision making, you can gather by walking around the city or web search, brainstorming in your own heart, body and brain. The most important job of the leader is not research, but proving the models of prediction and forecasting. You should clean up noise within vast data and find a single ray of light among perpetually increasing information.

Finding right direction in hyperbolic geometry

We see through monthly 50 plus startup pitchdeck and selecting one in the month. The criteria of picking up the portfolio is whether the founder (controlling shareholder) have the sense of distinguishing anomalies and find light rays that destine the organization to the goals and milestones. It is a very important role of an investor to support them to filter noises of market, reduce the amount of information and show right pathway to the increasing free cash flow. How to reach the planned goal in limited spacetime is the art of humanity. Standard rules and universal theory will be applied to reach the destination at first, and on the other hand, extraordinally results will be made by recaluculation of standards by unseen but really influential forces: power of gravitational field, exotime, exospace, multiverse, which will be proved in the distant future.