Top performing startup CEO is driving on the highway at 180km/h

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Top performing startup CEO is driving on the highway at 180km/h

If you are early stage startup CEO and worrying about delegation to the team, then you can imagine driving on the highway at high speed.

Driving 120km/h=75mile per hour

As startup CEO, what is your time spending looks like today, if you are looking into laptop excel sheet or github source code, then let’s substitute that situation to the highway.

If you are 120km/h driver and looking into laptop to do something, you will easily lost steering and crash the car. Imagine 120km/h is doubling revenue.

The only thing you can do is just look into the right direction, choose the right way, monitor dashboard for speed, temparature, gasoline meter.

If you want something detail like looking into next service station or choose some music, then you will ask somebody next to you or someone in the rear seat.

If you are thirsty, you can reach out to your coffee can on the drink holder but it is risky.

Same as driving highway, the only thing you can do in fast growing startup is to find the purpose(goals), set the culture(unspoken promises), select right directors, assign appropriate executives and monitor, improve it.

Driving at 180km/h=112mile per hour.

If you are tripling-revenue CEO, speed might be more than 180km/h.

You cannot even listen carefully to pop music nor see the beautiful mountain nor broad sea in the long distance. You can just look into the road ahead. The only thing you can see in glimpse is road signs or advertising billboards in the very short 0.1 seconds. You may take a quick look into back mirror or side mirror to switch the lane, sometimes have to care for speed checking masked police cars.

Like driving highway, your hyper scaling company also in the very serious situation. If CEO is doing something in detail more than 0.1 seconds, the car easily crashes. In the daily operation, startup CEOs cannot feel so much seriousness as driving highway at 180km/h. But it is very important to feel the sense of danger if you really intend to build legendary organization but doing something indetail that cost more than 0.1 seconds.