Great things grow while you are dreaming

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Great things grow while you are dreaming

There is many “how to” about business growth and management, but I would like to wonder about more fundamental power that cannot be even easily verbalized.

There exists the part of universe that no one can record or memorise the situation

I think there are some areas in universe that we cannot record any thought that happens, for example the early universe was comprised of hydrogen(1 proton) and helium(2 protons), there is no memorizable matters in such early universe like we do in the earth because there is not yet carbon(6 protons) exists. Carbon is essential atom to have life organism that can memorise things and duplicate products. Humanity has the creativity to build up the world that is based on carbon with combination of other heavy materials to create predictable and stable sanctuaries in the universe. On the other hand, keep in mind at quantum scale, all different materials have similar quantum component within atom: proton, newtron, electron and maybe other ingredients.

Is there inter-spacetime power that is affecting each other?

If we assume that all of the points of time are continuously influencing with each other, then we can think current humanity( that is comprised of carbon) let the past universe evolve to current material mix. Current humanity shall have some influence in past hydrogen-only universe and let it make other heavy atoms to create life in the planets.

The assumption is derived from one premise, there will be a field or a power that penetrates time and space (e.g. gravitational field, gravitational wave, speed of light, etc)

Grasping the power not yet proven in current society

As startup founder innovating the world and reinventing a new stable sanctuary, the sense of grasping “unmemorizable elements in universe“ or utilizing “the power not yet proven in current society” is critical differentiator.

Distinguishing too small matter to distinguish

The smallest photon scale is predicted around 10^-36 meter and smallest time scale is predicted around 10^-43 seconds. Less than that planck time and space, is there nothing? Or something?

Even before planck scale, our eyes cannot see less than micro meter scale and cannot perceive less than nano meter difference of materials without microscopes. But we can distinguish aluminum and carbon by using our eyes and hands. That is to say, even if we cannot see in detail, there is some other way to distinguish the nano level difference of matters.

This power, to distinguish the matters which is too small to distinguish, is very important for hyper growing company managements.

Great things grow while we are dreaming

There are lots of things to be discovered in the next decades, or centuries until I can confirm the veridity of this assumption but apparently, it seems “Great things grow while we are dreaming”. Whether you are awake or sleeping, you can dream. You can dream about what is the universal truth and how that power influence our daily life. I can imagine how time-space penetrating power influence us or even there is other universes that influence each other inter-universally.

Your daily decision and action can influence inter-spacetime and you can detect feedbacks from the action you made today after very short time.

More machines can let us dream more

If you are totally dedicating to your daily job, then you cannot dream it. But if you can let machines do the job, let systems earn money, then you can focus on dreaming about what you want to find in the life.

Dreaming is the real competitive advantage of tech industry and that’s why the tech industry cannot stop growing.

The interesting question

You can pose these questions to enhance the ability to materialize your vision.

-Is your way of thinking viable in the other countries?

-Is your way of thinking viable in the other planets?

-Is your way of thinking viable in the other galaxies?

-Is your way of thinking viable in the other universes?