Fulfilling ultimate purpose

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Fulfilling ultimate purpose

Leading ahead generation

0.1% of any startups can only lead ahead the generation. VCs are supporting world leaders. But on the way in scale, tough communications with stakeholders whereas handling daily hard operation easily diminish the energy and motivation of founders to find a universal truth that would change the world.

Avoiding psychological burnout

The best mentorship of VC is to design the spacetime pathway to the ultimate goals of a founder. The ultimate purpose after wiping out any bias is difficult to articulate, it’s definitely the value of continuous mentorship to support clarifying the priorities.

Brand is derived from culture

Brand building is quite important for high-growth companies. What your company name sound evokes first and foremost is what customers think of when they hear it. Ultimately, brand is the last thing that differentiates a company from its competitors. Why AI engineers go to NVIDIA ecosystem is derived from brand recall. Engineers cannot imagine Azure or AWS can differentiate themselves in GPU industry( they are commodities players).

Long lasting promise to society

What can you promise customers? Will that remain same after 10 years in a fast-changing industry? All legendary companies have a long-lasting promise to society.

“networking” illusion

Network and connection of venture capital or stratigic corporate investors themselves usually does not matter a lot. If founders have firm vision and method of cash flow realization, it is not difficult to find additional investors and customers.

Materialize vision

The important job of VCs is not introducing someone. But finding the way to materialize vision, strategy, structuring, tactics. After finding right pathway, founders can relatively easily find investors in the next round.

Natural force of founders

Therefore basically HITSERIES CAPITAL will not introduce anyone basically because it will disturb founders natural force in themselves which attract people and find someone the founders really need. It is our experience of investment and portfolio advisory if founders really identify what people they need to go to next level, then usually that candidate is already near around them and waiting to be found soon.

What is the actual vision

The difficulty of startup growth is not about networking nor connection but the real difficulty is that founders themselves cannot really verbalize what they desire and cannot clealy identify what they should do next to fulfil the milestones.

My Case

By the way, my ultimate goal is to know universal truth about the world, and one of the milestones is to build world largest organization. The terms and conditions between future myself and past myself, there was the clause of independence.

That promise indicates that I can decide to do whatever I want to do without asking anyone’s approval to do it. I want to go, eat, shop, stay, ride and wear anything I like to do. I can fly anytime, to anyplace either in weekday or weekend, in a day or midnight.

And even if I go indulgence my organization grow and free cash flow is incrementally increasing, that is the absolute requirement. That financial independence and financial soundness was what I desired when I started my business 18 years ago in 2006, I remeber I wrote it in mixi diary. I did not want to work at all in any company, I desired to earn money by myself, I hated to get salary from any boss. I desired to buy anything I just wanted without checking price tag: I couldn’t at that time. It seemed that was just juvenile unrealistic dream 18 years ago, but after twelve years passed, it revealed that juvenile first thought was true.

But it was very difficult to identify my promise cleary and keep it consistently. Almost all of successful business persons that I visited, investors I met will not allow indulgence and luxury of startup CEOs. But at some point I realized that if I, at first myself do not let me indulge myself, then I cannot get any ultimate goal of mine.

Future luxury after enduring 10 years was quite long for me and I could not accept it. I wanted to be luxurious before I get a lot sum of market cap.

The decision I made 4 years ago was traveling without staying fixed place. I drived all of the 47 prefecture of Japan. Changed where to stay every 3 days, found nice hot spring, flied to several countries, and always stayed luxury hotels before I got enough success in business.

The real power

The strange thing happened in my indulge travel, when I liked the city, then I could get customer. I paid a lot in the favorite city. Stayed many five star hotels, used limousine, visited michelin restaurants, bought luxury brands, paid a lot to local economy, then I could easily get unexpected new customer, find new investment opportunities. I met unforeseen gifts when I persistently went indulgence. In the result, my company revenue grew triple in 3 consecutive years. The forth year, my annual free cash flow grew ten times inspite of paying a lot in non-business related things: personal luxury.

The promise between society and company will be broken if founders break promise in themselves

Why I took long texts to introduce my promise between past myself and future myself is to elaborate the truth that drove me very well. It is really true that if you want to build firm culture, brand and long lasting promise to society, then the first and last thing to do is keep promise in yourself, not to betray yourself.

Do not let others decide your way, do not follow someone’s practice. The most important weapon to change the world is always sleeping in your heart.

Technology accelerates everything

Internet and AI accelerate the speed of anything. If you are in the wrong way, technology will enhance the speed to get to misdirection.

If you do not know what actually you want to do, then technology will invite you into a huge labyrinth. The troublesome of this trap is, this is at the same time attractive labyrinth which is also well enough to convince you it is your previously desired goal: but the truth is different. That’s why it is so difficult to find yourself realize it is a wrong way.

Fulfilling ultimate purpose is both difficult and easy

Every person want to reach the goal but if that goal is different from what you really desire, how will you pivot to more likely one? Do you know how to find out if you are in the right direction you really desired?